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For the course of legal proceedings it would appear that the only responsible officials committed fraud against Banamex Oceanography was Martin Diaz Alvarez , however, the simple reconstruction of events indicates that this man is guilty of the alleged fraud committed by Amado Yanez who was the sole director.

Diaz faces no charges in the US and the charges on which his extradition was sought were rejected as inadmissible. His stay in an immigration facility was related to the expiry of his visa and the matter was resolved very quickly.

Basically all the trial against him is loaded into allegations of Yanez and two more employees, but it puts you in a position to have the gift of ubiquity or something like mental powers, since Yanez said before the judicial authority, as I was depressed about his divorce, did not know what made ​​him sign documents secret Diaz ... Yes, crazy laughter.

1. Martin Diaz Alvarez has never been financial director or shareholder of Oceanography second. He had no office or salary. Nor is there a single document he signed, making clear that he had no access to the accounts of the company.

2. It was part of the group that restructured the company and the eighth clause of his contract said he "can not intervene directly or indirectly in the operational and administrative decisions of the company."

3. No single deposit accounts Diaz linked to Oceanography.

4. As stated in the minutes, was never a member of the board of directors.

5. There is no evidence that this man has reviewed invoices. In any ministerial declaration of the former employees of Banamex and the National Banking and Securities Commission an allegation is made in this regard.

6. It has the gift of ubiquity. In the labor lawsuit that won last year to Freedom he was established at the Federal Conciliation and Arbitration which had a 9 am to 5 pm. There they had powers, offices, presiding councils had access to sign checkbooks. In 2013 he signed 16 000 different documents.

7. There is no document signed by Diaz in Oceanography. All estimates, 166 are signed by Yanez , no by Diaz .

In the statements of officials to the judicial authorities, officials and Israel Varela they say that all the information of the bills were the result of fraud were reviewed and approved by him and his chief Yanez .

8. Unless the sole administrator of Oceanography and two employees, none of the several dozen officials Banamex, Pemex and Oceanography, mentioned in his statements to Diaz .

9. Nor does the opinion of the CNBV.

10. The Attorney General's Office identified thousand 500 million pesos that were diverted to accounts Yáñez , man has accepted. In contrast, there is no diversion in favor of Diaz .

While the PGR has made ​​such a strong pressure as fruitless for Diaz is forced to come to Mexico, they have been generous with Yanez . Those engaged in the grid judiciary say the difference may be the presence of lawyers as Sergio Nurseries and Hugo Reynaud (who was filmed asking for money in the case of Ficrea), who are closely linked with the upper echelons of PGR.

On the other hand, some believe that the attitude of the US government could be explained Diaz would be collaborating with the authorities of that country to clarify fraud involving the Mexican subsidiary of Citi.

The truth is that, despite the losses, perhaps predictable given for how the judicial process, Martin Diaz looks much more like a scapegoat responsible for this fraud that caused a schism in Banamex, Pemex and good the Mexican government.

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